Botanical Series

I am constantly refreshing and updating my works by pondering the possibilities of utilizing new materials and techniques in my art. As an experimental artist, I gravitate towards and mingle with people in diverse fields – to broaden my perspectives and inspiration.  In the last few years, I bring my experience of biological observation to her my practice. Using microscopes, photography, the I research the botanical forms … Continue reading Botanical Series


In the 2D animated (hand-drawn) installation, I created the experience of birds, generated by the strokes of a brush. Each color and stroke is symbolized by a single bird and the flocks, in which each bird finds its presence through voice, blend into one another, separate and disperse. Curated by Gökşen Buğra, the exhibition has opened up an alternative space with its various artworks spread … Continue reading Strokes


Video & Light installation “Refractions” depicts the neurons of an individual who is exposed to constant stimulation. “The sensuous experience of the audience, which is exposed to the refractions of sound and colors in motion filling the temporal space, is itself the work of art,” Curated by Ebru Yetiskin, exhibition took place in Acıkekran Sekerbank.   Continue reading Cacophony