Horst Und Edeltraut, Young Creatives

December 31, 2014 Daily 0 Comments

Who are you? What do you do?

This is Ayse, I love exploring and getting lost deep in nature. I studied art at Tisch and I am thankful to the people that I`ve met in art school. Those people and environment has immensely influenced me to sculpt the person I became and am today. As an artist, I can`t afford to travel very often, nor buy new tools to experiment or simply pay my rent if I don`t have a regular income. That`s why I have a part time job in a car repair service (automobile repair). The benefit of having this job is that I have the access of many hand tools, big paint cabinets, and industrial colour mixing tricks. Beyond that, having a side job feeds my passion and hunger for creating artwork, intensifies my appreciation of time for such, and frees me of any impulsion to make ‘sell-able` (commercially viable) works. The release of these constraints does for my art work what it does for my spirit!

Your style in 3 words?

Playful, colourful, uplifting

Your weakness?

Time-management / too much spontaneity / unpredictably shy

Your strength?

Not overthinking or taking anything too seriously / curiosity for many things / energetic

What makes you different?

New tools or materials inspire me and lead me to create a piece or simply experiment different creations and warping my methods often to pleasing and fresh results and culminating in some of my best work.

What do you find most fascinating about the creative process?

Right after I complete an art piece I don`t initially appreciate or like the piece because of the mental and physical exhaustion and habituation to the topic. After some time, when I go back and think about that piece I usually end up feeling happy about my creations. In other words, sometime should pass for me to like my work.

When did you decide to become an artist/ musician/ designer?

I have always had an image in my mind that I am creating / fixing something by using my five senses overlayed and guided with my artisitic sense. Though I couldn`t name this idea for a long time. I never liked drawing that much, so I wasn`t sure if focusing on art was something for me. But luckily, I realized that drawing is the essential tool for an artist and you have to build your own style after getting the basics. That`s how I took my first step into art by getting into art school. Then, after working for a big advertising agency for eight months, I was very sure that I will use my creativity for making art for the sake of doing it for myself.

A few words about your favourite creation?

Sustainability; Liking the idea and the execution of the artwork even years after. Uplifting; when the piece evokes pleasant feelings in me. Someone else’s work that inspired or inspires you… ohh, so many people and their works. Daniel Rozin, Sergio Albiac, Kyle McDonald, Becky Stern, Berndhaut Smilde, Petroc Sesti, Dan Flavin, Anthony McCall

A new project coming up or an idea you want to work on?

I was very much fascinated by the sparkling colour of iodised rocks while I was trekking on Kazdaglari mountain, a kaleidoscope of dancing colors captured in one geological fixture frozen in time. Currently, I am experimenting with creating an environment or a piece that would resemble that feeling or vision.

Do you have a vision?

The traditional subjectivity of viewers experiencing art is changing. By creating visionary illusions I am inviting the spectator to participate and to become part of the art piece. I believe art gives responsibility to the viewers and the viewers should react to art by their intuitions despite of the reality.

Anything disturbing your vision?

Yes, sometimes I have to face my fear of stopping creating art because of some nonsense excuses such as not having enough time to do art.

Where are we going?

I don`t know where we all are going but my journey of being an artist is a very long path. Let’s say till the day I die. Even if sometimes I become inactive on experimenting with my art, I know I will get back to them when I fell ready to burst forth all of the things I collected and kept inside during those ‘inactive’ periods.

Anything else?

I miss my years in art school. I miss getting and giving constructive feedback for the artwork in progress. As a practicing artist, getting constructive feedback for my work is very valuable for me.

Your city’s favourite spots (any location/ club/ shop/ gallery…)?

I am an outdoor person. In the summertime, it`s Sumabeach in Kilyos, a 45 min. drive from the city, where you can camp in the forest, swim in the sea, party at night, and relax in the afternoon. During spring and autumn I like to practice yoga with groups of friends in the parks. During winter time, I like to spend time by visiting exhibitions in museums, galleries and drinking lots of coffee in small street cafes.